Ice Handling Systems

Ice Handling Systems


Depson has manufactured high quality Automatic Ice Handling Systems with wide range of products as per customer requirement and site conditions. We also have provided solutions for hazardous environment with higher strucural bearing capacities in earthquake prone areas.



Depson is known for offering the best ice handling systems. Our ice handling systems is providing conveyors,cold rooms, PUF room or Concrete room that can transport and store high quality ice with maintained stable temperature upto -2 °C . Depson has designed, manufactured and commissioned ice handling systems for sea food industry ,concrete cooling, Manufacturing industries, Chemical industires, Fisheries, Hatcheries, food processing, Heavy Construction Industries like Nuclear Power Houses, Dam Construction & Express Highways etc. Ice Handling systems manufactured, supplied, tested and commissioned in capacity starting from 20,000 kgs or 20 Tonnes per day of ice till capacity as per customer requirement. Seamless operation results in lower power consumption required to transport and store ice is more efficient than any other type of ice transporting machine. Power consumed by ice handling systems is lower than any other system , reducing manufacturing cost , nil human contact and error free operation. Easy to operate at the touch of a button and can be integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) for remote operation.
Depson ice handling systems are robust and simple in construction with plug and play model.


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