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At Depson, we approach sustainability not as an adjunct but very much inherent to our technical disciplines and processes. Evenbefore the advent of various green building rating systems in India, we always strived for minimizing environmental impact of projects undertaken by us. Accordingly, whether or not a formal certification is desired, in our design and engineering, we always incorporate features like:
  • Siting/orienting buildings to minimize heat gain.
  • Using materials with less embodied energy and having low volatile organic compounds (VOC).
  • Rain water harvesting and recharging the underground aquifers.
  • Using energy efficient chillers and lighting.
  • Recycling of wastewater.
  • Ecologically sustainable plant species selection.
  • Appropriate use of renewable sources such as solar panels, etc. We are fully familiar with various green rating systems such as IGBC, LEED-USGBC, GRIHA and BEE-MNRE and have several formally accredited/rated/certified projects to our credit. Several of our staff members are accredited green building professionals.


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