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Depson World is the well-known company providing CAD services and the top quality engineering services among the engineering sector. We provide mechanical engineering services and mechanical drafting services using the various ranges of software. Our team of expert professional designers and engineers create assembly drawings for all kinds of mechanical assemblies, architectural schematics, structural designs, and then convert all of them to multi-layer CAD drawings. As Depson World has extensive knowledge and experience in mechanical systems, therefore we have delivered the customized solutions to all our customers and developed good communication  amongst all the clients on long term basis. Depson World can create as many layers as they require for the dimensions, text, and body. There is also usage of different blocks for each of the doors, windows, and the plumbing fittings etc. Our ranges of mechanical engineering services are:
  • Mechanical Drafting Services: Depson World is the perfect place to handle all your plans and create the designs and drawing according to your demand. This type of service is especially popular among the industries interested in outsourcing the services for the mechanical engineering With the help of the latest technology of 2D mechanical drafting, we design the raw data and then transform into CAD drawings of mechanical assemblies and structural drawings.
  • Mechanical Modeling Services: This particular service is being noted as an extension of the mechanical drafting service. 3D CAD services used in the mechanical modelling services enables to build the exact replica of the original object in the real life. As a result, it makes the projection much easier and also simpler for the clients to understand and communicate with the features of the product.
  • Finite Element Analysis: Prior to any mechanical design that we create for a product, it has to be tested and analyzed thoroughly, which undergoes the process of Finite Element Analysis. Depson World offers these services to various industries across the diverse segments of different industries. This service is being highlighted by the high degree of accuracy and the solutions provided by our company which reduces the costs and time simultaneously.


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