Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

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At Depson Engineering, we developed our expertise in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) consulting with years of CFD project work in medical, aerospace, marine, HVAC & Refrigeration, civil and automotive. Our work has been extensively benchmarked by experiments and in-service testing, giving us the necessary validation experience for world-class CFD service to our clients. Our portfolio of case studies provides hard evidence of our many successful CFD consulting projects. These consulting endeavors include space-based communications equipment, hydroelectric spillways and HVAC air handling systems, to name just a few. In our CFD case studies , you’ll find our expert work as consultants on a broad range of projects, including predicting the flow of diesel exhaust plumes, complex thermal problems with localized temperature extremes, conjugate convective-conductive thermal fluids analysis of a tightly integrated circuit board and fluid-structure-interface (FSI) work on hydraulic man-lifts or radar absorbing walls located in coastal airports. We feel that our broad experience brings a fresh perspective to our clients’ CFD challenges. This experience provides a cross-pollination between industries that have shared physics but different structures. For example, a client had a flow-control value in a large water reservoir that under standard flow calculations would have required an expensive design change to handle the estimated forces. Our CFD consulting work showed that the hand-calculations were overly conservative and that the existing, budgeted design was adequate. Following our recommendations, the client went forward and the valve is operating per specifications. We know from our prior CFD service work on wind loaded structures, that given the same flow physics, the valve structure would behave similarly. In the interpretation of CFD results, experience is the key in knowing whether one has a cartoon or a real result that can be taken into production. We feel that this is our competitive edge and a proven value proposition that we offer to our clients. If you have a need for experienced CFD consultants, Depson Engineering has continually expanded its client base. Our clients include many large organizations and industry leaders. Contact us to learn more about our CFD consulting services.


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