Motorized Stacker Car Parking System

Motorized Stacker Car Parking System

Depson provides Motorized Stacker Car Parking System.

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Product Description

Salient Features of our Motorized Stacker Car Parking system:

  • Motorized Helical Geared drive with Brake motor. We use Helical drive for better power efficiency. Brake motor with lever for emergency operation of lowering of Pallet.
  • Load carrying capacity of 2500 Kg per pallet.
  • We use Sensor + Limit Switches + Electrical protection + Pallet locking assembly on all 4 Columns as a standard feature (mechanical interlocks).
  • All structure is Powder coated to give superior finish & longer life.
  • Decking sheet is Galvanized.


Optional Features of our Motorized Stacker Car Parking system:

  • Top cover in MS powder coated / Galvanized sheet for protection to system in case installation is in Open.
  • Special area sensors underneath the pallet to detect small animal / object for safety.
  • Wireless remote operation of Stacker, within 100 or 200 Meters.
  • Audio / Visual indication on the system during operation.
  • Higher capacity Stacker for for Large sized SUV’s / Sedans.
  • Competitive Maintenance contracts.


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