Tools for Milling/ Turning / CNC / VMC


Tools for Milling/ Turning / CNC / VMC


Depson manufactures wide range of Milling/ Turning / CNC / VMC Machining Tools.



Computer numeric control (CNC) machining, a subtractive manufacturing process, sequentially removes material from a raw block to achieve the desired geometric specifications. The machine tools are an integral part of the subtractive manufacturing process, removing material through milling, grinding, or drilling techniques. Machine shops use milling and lathe tools for precision CNC machining applications to achieve specified accuracy, tolerances, and finishes.

Milling/ Turning / CNC / VMC Machining Tools

A CNC machine provides the advantage of accomodating a wide range of cutting tools for fabricating materials of different shapes and sizes. Cutting tools can rotate, cut, and remove the material from the workpiece using shear deformation. Each tool has its unique properties and benefits. Understanding the basics of CNC machining tools helps design engineers design better parts. Most cutting tools feature flutes, which refers to the tool’s cutting edges. Cutting edges have helical grooves along the exterior length of the tool. The tiny piece of metal chipped away during the machining process travels along with the flutes as they eject. Different cutting tools have varying numbers of flutes. Machinists select the tool with the desired number of flutes depending upon the workpiece’s material and surface finish desired.

From drill bits and end mills to reamers, tool selection for CNC machining is vital to get the desired fabrication and finishing.

  • End Mills
  • Drill bits
  • Thread Mills and Taps
  • Reamers
  • Hollow Mills
  • Gear Cutters
  • Fly Cutters
  • Face Mills
  • Slab Mills


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