Condensing Units :Air Cooled & Water Cooled


Condensing Units :Air Cooled & Water Cooled


Depson has large range of Condensing units varying from smallest capacity to largest capacity as per customer requirement. Depson customizes range of products as per site conditions.

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Outdoor condensing units are available in standard refrigerantsand multi-refrigerant version, offering both refrigerants in a single unit. Indoor models are also available . So, there is always a solution for your exact application needs, without complexity. For MBP and LBP applications, they feature high energy efficiency and cooling performance, a trouble-free and future-proof installation, and are a sustainable choice to minimize the environmental impact.

With over seven decades of experience in comprehensive cooling solutions, Depson brings you a range of reliable condensing units to meet the cooling needs of large commercial spaces and corporate customers.

These units utilise a unique modular design to deliver consistent performance over a wide operating range and ambient conditions. They are available in more than 20 models, and are ideally suited to meet the cooling requirements of a wide variety of applications such as auditoriums, marriage halls, exhibition centres, textile showrooms and factory shop floors. They allow the use of various sizes of air handling units as evaporators.


  • Open chassis structure
  • Highly efficient compressor
  • Mega condensing units
  • Low roof-load weight
  • Run time equalisation
  • Shell and tube condenser (water cooled models)
  • Capacity modulation in steps
  • Intelligent controller
  • Digital setting of temperature levels
  • Built-in time delay
  • Auto distribution load
  • Protection mechanism
  • Auto restart


  • Air Cooled Scroll Condensing Units : 5 – 90 TR
  • Water Cooled Scroll Condensing Units : 5 – 100 TR


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