Bullet Ice Maker / Plant


Bullet Ice Maker / Plant


Depson manufactures Bullet Ice machines as per Client requirements, site conditions, and overall energy optimization.



  • 【Modern Look】This tabletop ice machine is made with high quality environment friendly material and modern compressor refrigeration technology, which is safe and healthy, stylish and modern, perfectly matching with modern stylish kitchen.
  • 【Smart & Practical】The transparent window design on the top of the countertop ice maker allows process monitoring and ice level inspection. The digital display is a great indicator of time and operating conditions, warning lights and auto-shutdown functions to prevent spillage when the ice basket is full or when water needs to be added, which is user-friendly and practical.
  • 【Efficient】This ice machine works quickly to make  delicious, bullet-shaped ice cubes in 7 to 13 minutes and make up to customized production of ice in 24 hours. Each ice cube is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for mixed drinks or small water bottle opening.
  • 【Energy Saving & Low Noise】Our portable ice machine is very energy efficient and economical. Built-in spoiler for effectively reducing noise without will not disturb the family, just enjoying delicious iced desserts or coffee.
  • 【Widely Used】The ice cube maker comes with a free plastic ice scoop and a removable ice basket. Bullet ice cubes made by ice machines would not injure your mouth and are available in two sizes to choose from, widely used in juice, beers, coffee, make smoothies, ice cream, seafood, etc.


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